Corona Virus Theory

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Corona Virus Theory

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There is many theories about the Corona Virus and there is many different feelings on the subject. I personally believe it is just being used to control us. I believe this because this virus has over a 99% survival rate and all of the people that are dying from it have already compromised immune systems, meaning they were already ill. It seems as though they want everyone to rely on the government for money because they can not work and that means the government has control over them. Another reason I think the virus is not serious is because of the fact it is flu season and nobody has gotten the flu. I think they are just taking illnesses like the flu and saying its corona because they are trying to scare people with exaggerated numbers. I have also not taken any precautions during this virus and have not gotten sick once. I have also noticed that if this virus was as dangerous as the media says they would definitely not let us out of our house, but instead we are allowed to go on tight planes, busses, and more things because apparently hand sanitizer and a mask can save us from a "deadly" virus. I don't think it is as bad as they make it seem and they are just using it as an excuse to control people and people are letting them.

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