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Remote Education

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It has been a few months now since I 1st started Online Learning. How it would work is all the students would enter a ZOOM Room online with a provided URL. (ZOOM does not mean anything in particular, other than it being a company name) We had the ability to mute our mics so others in the room would not be able to hear us, we could turn off our cameras to not be able to be seen, and other small things which barely anyone used. Every day that I would need to enter a ZOOM Room for educational purposes, I would create a routine. I wake up 7:00 AM PST (Pacific South Time), relax and make sure any and all work that needs to be done is complete, eat breakfast, change (if needed), and went onto my computer to enter the room at the given time. Whenever I had a break, I would relax and take a snack if I felt hungry and waited for the next given time. This worked wonders, and felt super relaxing for a Monday. Although Virtual learning through ZOOM is far more relaxing and free, you can't learn as well, since there are most likely more distractions around you, you can't ask questions nearly a easily, and being in the classroom zones you into the lesson more.

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