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Remote Learning

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When COVID_19 started to hit California I was in my second semester of 7th grade. On March 13, 2020 my school announced that we were closing down and switching to online learning. That last day of normal school we prepared our zoom meetings, schedules, and we said our goodbyes. At first everyone thought we were shutting down for two weeks, like and extended spring break. Who knew it would go on for 11 months. My first online school day was wake up 10 minutes before my first class, eat breakfast, and log on at 8am. Simple right? No my wifi decided to shut off and I couldn't attend my first zoom meeting. I email my teacher and got it figured out. I have 3 more classes that day and by the end it felt weird. That same feeling went on for about 4 months. I would facetime my friends every night and talk about our computer issues. Then it started to become normal. The last day of 7th grade I pressed "End meeting" and said wow that was really 7th grade. It felt like something was missing. Summer came and it was very boring, I was excited to even go on a walk. 8th grade rolled around and we were still online. It was my new normal and so I didn't mind it. I was missing my friends more than ever though. I got through the semester and I went to Colorado for winter break. After I got home my school announced we were going back. I was very excited. I thought everything was going to go back to normal besides wearing masks. The first day was very weird we stayed 6 feet apart, my dance class was outside, my hands were dry from hand sanitizer. It was very crazy, but overall I am very thankful to be back and school and have human interaction again.

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