Rules and Procedures during Covid

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Rules and Procedures during Covid

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During Covid-19, there were many rules and procedures that people had to go through in their everyday lives. The most important rule, in my opinion, is to wear a mask. Everyone had to wear a mask whenever they went out in public. At work, grocery stores, pet stores, basically everywhere. We didn’t have to wear masks when we were at the beach, the park, and the golf course. But when we were in those places, we must be socially distanced from other people. I remember when my sister came home from going out to buy groceries, she met someone that was refusing to wear a mask. Now, we were about 10 months into the pandemic, so wearing a mask outside is basically a well-known rule. As my sister was standing in line, the lady in front of her was saying she didn’t need to wear a mask. She told everyone in there that it was useless and that no one should need them. My sister just watched on, not wanting to join in the argument.

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