The 1st moments of Covid 19

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The 1st moments of Covid 19

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Much earlier, I rode horses in a place called Spirit, a horseback riding camp where horses would be boarded and ridden. At that place, there were 2 equestrian dressage trainers (there were many more in the facility, but I did not interact with them) called Kim and Madalin. One of the 2 came to the facility with a running cold and slight fever, the EXACT symptoms of COVID-19. Thing is, COVID-19 was not in the media yet. It was only about the start of January. Then, the fever spread like wild fire across the facility, just as infectious as COVID-19. Again, COVID-19 was not in the media yet, and nobody was scared about it, jus mad at Madalin for brining the fever to the facility. Everyone got it, but everyone recovered just fine. Then the lockdowns started to occur around the date listed. Nothing changed much about my life because of it, since most of my life was spent indoors already. The only major thing was the need to do school digitally rather than in person. It was a big change, but not as big as some of the other people who was put into quarantine. This continues for quiet a while...

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