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During the pandemic, I've seen a lot of people not following the rules. For example, one time I was at trader joes with my mother. We were standing in line and this one lady didn't have a mask on. This was before the mask mandate. She asked one of the crew members if she had to wear a mask. When he said you don't have to, but we greatly encourage you wearing, she put the mask back in her purse and walked into the story. I mean it's fine if she wants to get covid, but now she is putting everyone else in the story, and the employees at risk. Another time, I was hanging out with my friends, we were all wearing masks except this one girl. She didn't even bother to put a mask on. A different time we hung out, she had a mask on because I asked her to wear one, but she kept taking it off and putting it back on. It was very annoying and I was so angry because she doesn't really think covid is real. As for me, I take wearing masks very seriously and I make sure it is always above my nose. I don't mind wearing a mask, it doesn't make a difference. But I missed being at school for so long.

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