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The COVID-19 pandemic has a lot of rules that we have to follow. One of them is to wear masks all the time. Some people whine about wearing them and how they don't work, but those people just look for excuses to complain. Masks help me stay safe and make me feel more comfortable around others. At my school, we also have to take temperature checks every day. My mother checks mine at home, and we have to go in again for school. It normally isn't a big hassle, but it gets annoying when you are just waiting for the people to get the instruments needed to check us. And the lady that helps with the temperature checks is pretty mean. Overall, its not that big of a deal though. We also have to stay six feet apart, but the benches at lunch are not that big, so we end up sitting pretty close. I should probably try to maintain my distance from people more. The rules that we have to follow for COVID-19 aren't that difficult, and you get used to them pretty quickly.

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