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When covid first started I don't think anyone knew what to do. Everyone was like wear a mask do this do that. I mean it really didn't seem necessary even now it still doesn't. I got called creepy for not wearing a mask. I think that yes we should take precautions but we also shouldn't have to be locked up. I mean eventually everyone is going to get covid. I mean there is really no escaping that. I mean we have to wear a mask, social distance, we can't eat inside any more. And I think it is the most idiotic thing ever in the history of things. I mean I get it if you are scared of covid I will respect you and keep my mask on but I mean come on really we can't take our masks off... At ALL! near ANYONE! In the entire time our nation has been around we have never EVER had to shut everything down. I understand masks and taking precautions and if your sick stay home but really lock down. I am just so fed up with this stupid covid lockdown.

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