Rules and Procedures for Covid.

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Rules and Procedures for Covid.

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There are too many rules and procedures for a simple virus that %99.97 of people under 25 recovers from. 1. We have to wear a piece of paper or cloth over our face. 2. We must stay 6 feet from every person that comes near us. 3. If your nose is showing you must move face-covering approximately one inch up your face. 4. If you do not have a piece of cloth or paper on your face you are not allowed to go inside any place or else you will be asked to leave. 5. You cannot be around people that are not part of your family. There are lots more than our stupid state wants us to do that I don't have time to name. It feels like people in government have lost all common sense and don't have an IQ higher than Forest Gump. None of this make sense, today I was outside and not around anyone so I thought with the smart part of my brain and took my mask off but that too is illegal. I can't wait until the people find their common sense and just basic knowledge. These rules makes us look like a communist country and they are the worst.

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