COVID-19 Rules and Procedures

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COVID-19 Rules and Procedures

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The last year in change has consisted of way too many rules and procedures mandated to be followed. Rules such as mask wearing, social distance, occupancy limitations, etc. All of which are crazy and unnecessary. Masks have been scientifically proven by tons and tons of scientists and sources that they do very little to protect you, and honestly only harm you. Masks prevent your oxygen intake drastically especially when working out when you need it the most. People have developed breathing issues from mask wearing and masks have done almost nothing to protect you from covid 19. Right now, cases are said to be at their highest, when nearly all Americans are wearing their masks everywhere they go. Something's up because either the cases are fake or masks don't work. It's one or the other. Social distancing can help, sure, but realistically nobody is doing that and unless you are part of the elderly population it doesn't even matter. Getting covid is literally the flu. It comes and goes. The flu is just something people get and have to deal with it isn't a big deal. A virus with over 99% survival rate is being freaked out upon like it's the Black Plague. Unless you are the elderly you really have nothing to worry about so I'm not sure what we're doing all this 'protection' for.

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