Covid-19 Procedures

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Covid-19 Procedures

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During the Coronavirus pandemic the government has assigned us many rules to follow, and suggestions so we are able to stay healthy. Around march when the pandemic took control of the U.S. We were ordered to stay home and we were advised to no come in contact with friends or other people. For most of march and April everyone stayed at home, and rarely went out because everything was closed including grocery stores. Whenever my mom and dad would go they would wear a face mask and gloves to make sure the didn't catch the virus. Also lines in stores were socially distanced so we'd have to stay six feet apart from all people. At first masks were hard to find, and some people even said that masks don't do anything. Soon enough, everyone was able to get a mask, and the government required you to wear a mask anytime you went somewhere in public. Throughout the summer all these rules remained in place, and since I was starting 8th grade; we had to continue with online school. We did online school until Christmas, and luckily throughout these months more stores had opened up, and even thought superiors still advised we didn't see any friends, I still got to hang out with my best friend quite a bit. It is currently January of 2021, and the covid-19 cases are higher now than the ever were. At this point wearing a mask has almost become second nature, and we recently went back to school earlier this month. We are required to wear a masks, and the desks are socially distances in the classrooms. The procedures can be a bit annoying at times, but we all know that they are to protect us and the rest of the community.

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