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Out of all Covids procedures quarantine has effected me the most. In the beginning it was so crazy to me because it was just something I saw in science fiction movies but I'm pretty used to it now. I miss going out with my friends like normal. I've only seen three of my friends during this whole thing because I know we've only seen each other. I don't know how I could handle this without them. School is very different although I expected it. We have to walk certain ways, have plexiglass between us and scatter the desks. I really don't mind wearing mask, it's not only for my safety but others. I don't think it's a big deal, honestly I don't understand why some people get so pressed about having to wear one. It makes me kind of uncomfortable talking about Covid and its procedures because everyone has their own thoughts about it and it tends to be set in stone. I make sure I follow all the procedures so we can get over this, I think even thought some are hard its what has to be done.

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