COVID Symptoms

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COVID Symptoms

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The symptoms of COVID ranged from nonexistent to deadly. Most people who contracted it got flu - like symptoms which were fairly easy to deal with. Another large percentage of those who were infected didn't have symptoms at all. Those that remained were hospitalized and put on ventilators. Quite a number of these people died. 400,000 in America alone. I got COVID over Christmas break in 2020. The worst part of it, was being stuck at home the entire time. I was one of the lucky asymptomatic people along with my two younger brothers. My mom and dad got fatigue and my mom was pretty crabby on Christmas day. I was also lucky enough to get out of my period of isolation just in time for my return to in-person school. My poor five year-old brother had to wait nearly four weeks from his positive test to return to school, because of his unreasonable principle who clearly did not understand the CDC's guidelines for when a person tested positive. Overall, my experience with COVID was an easy one, made more enjoyable by the new games that had been received for Christmas.

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