Symptoms of COVID

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Symptoms of COVID

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Many people who have had COVID have suffered from terrible symptoms ranging from fevers to dry coughs to headaches. When I had COVID, I had very mild symptoms, and I feel very lucky for that. The most I suffered from was a light headache and minor loss of smell, and that lasted only a few days in itself. My aunt on the other hand suffered from horrible symptoms. She had a fever 24 hours a day and couldn't even get out of bed; that's how sick she was. She got the worst end of the bargain. My dad, like me, had mild symptoms. Like me, his sense of smell was gone for only a little bit, but he had a horrible dry cough and a scratchy throat. Now, this may be because they are way older than me, but I still feel extremely lucky that my health didn't diminish. A lot of people have had horrible experiences with COVID, resulting in awful, long sickness, or even death, and I think that my experience with COVID was so much better. My heart goes out to those who are still suffering from this plague, and I recognize how fortunate I was to have had such little symptoms.

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