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Personally I don't know anyone that has gotten Covid 19 and I would prefer not to start now. I have heard however that the symptoms in everyone are different depending on your blood type, if you have asthma, diabetes, or any other immune disorder. The symptoms in a healthy person is just like an extended common cold. There is coughing, fatigue, light headedness, and fever. But, once it hits people who have asthma that could be a problem considering that Covid 19 attacks the lungs. It could damage their lungs even more which could potentially lead to death. Other than that the symptoms are pretty much the same. The thing that makes this particular virus dangerous is that no one shows symptoms for at least 2 weeks. So before you know its there, there is already a couple billion little virus cells in your body making you sick or worse. This disease mainly affects the elderly and is hard to control. it spreads quickly because it is an airborne disease. Some other symptoms are nausea and diarrhea. By now it is very well known about by now mostly because an insane 3.12 million people have died around the world because of it.

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