Corona Symptoms

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Corona Symptoms

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At the start of this virus, I thought it was mostly respiratory problems. But after my dad tested positive, I knew what the symptoms were. At first, my dad was super fatigued and couldn't move like he used to. After that, he started to get very hot and feel like he had a fever. He didn't have respiratory problems. I think it is because Covid affects people differently. My dad had a slight cough when he had it, but that wasn't bad. But the main symptom that most people get from Covid is the loss of taste and smell. My dad lost both of those and it really annoyed him. I also read a story about an NBA player who lost his taste and smell, and I read about a lot of people who had the same thing. Luckily, my dad fought it off and is doing well. There are many symptoms for covid, but they all can be different for everybody.

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