The Invisible Connection

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The Invisible Connection

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It has never occurred to me that my Junior year of high school would turn out the way it is today. From prom to school dances, those expectations disappeared as the year progresses. However, despite the circumstances, Zoom has allowed me to stay connected with my friends, my teachers, and the people that I volunteered with at my church. Every day, my life revolves around waking up at 6:30 a.m., attending classes, and doing homework for the rest of the day, all of which takes place in my own room, through Zoom. Moreover, as a member and an officer for clubs at my school, meetings and online volunteering all take place online, via Zoom. Zoom, therefore, has been a savior for my Junior year of High School as I was able to meet and stay connected with new teachers and friends, of whom I either have never met or talked to in real life. Each week, my friends and I hold a small Zoom meeting in which we shared our experiences and our academic accomplishments during the pandemic, talking on and on about our experiences and laugh at each other’s jokes. In addition, when the holidays rolled around the corner and with the pandemic rising, it is through Zoom that allows me to meet up with the people that I love and care about, wishing them the best of their holidays and enjoying their companies, and share out stories and things that we each have learned throughout the year. Additionally, during the period of unrest that our country experienced, it is through Zoom and being able to talk to people that I know that helped me to stay sane and calm. This year is also the very first year that I choose to volunteer at a program at my church. Despite the circumstances, I was able to meet up with the people that volunteer with me through Zoom, and instantly we bond and created a small family among ourselves, though we have not actually met in real life. In conclusion, Zoom has truly saved 2020 for me, allowing me to build a connection that is invisible!

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