Major League Baseball Minor League Season Cancelled 2020

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Major League Baseball Minor League Season Cancelled 2020

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The article from the screenshot is about the Major league Baseball minor league cancelling their 2020 season and the economic impact that it had on the team's ownership (most of which are mom and pop owners) and the city's and towns that host these teams. With the cancelled season, these places and people were not receiving any revenues, and in many cases, these games were a major source for the money coming in. The athletes themselves were still paid, but did not play. This may impact the future of the game in unknown ways. Some of the things that are important for these athletes is that they continuously play which keeps their skills up as well as their physical condition, but most importantly, it allows for the teams to see their talent and promote them to the "big leagues." With the 2021 minor league season in jeopardy, the future of the game is in question.

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