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Statistics and Additional Thoughts

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Total Number of COVID Cases Worldwide - 99.3M
Total Number of COVID Deaths Worldwide - 2.13M
New Cases Reported 1/23/21 Worldwide - 600,790
New Deaths Reported 1/23/21 Worldwide - 15,846
Total Number of COVID Cases in LA County - 1,073,533
Total Number of COVID Deaths in LA County - 15,260
New Cases Reported 12/23/21 in LA County - 8,224
New Deaths Reported 12/23/21 in LA County - 98
These numbers are so big. Most of the time I am annoyed with the slowness of the reopening, but looking at the numbers makes me think that maybe we do need to be cautious when it comes to reopening everything. Pretty soon, the number of cases and deaths will start going down. I know this because now they are going to change the way that they count cases. It will be harder to get a positive test result, because instead of just looking at the results of the PCR test (you can get a positive test result but have a viral load so small that you aren't contagious) symptoms and contact tracing will be examined as well. If this change had been made before, then my high school friends would probably be attending school again. Small businesses would be reopening already. But I can't be bitter about that, because it doesn't lead anywhere productive.

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