Statistics and Final Thoughts

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Statistics and Final Thoughts

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I think it's absolutely boggers that there have been 1.07 cases of covid-19 in la county alone. That's about 10% of Los Angeles county that have had covid-19 at some point in the past year. Not only that but La county makes up about 1% percent of the world's covid cases. I have been effected by the statistics because now every time I go somewhere, I am thinking "someone in the grocery store most defiantly has covid", and that really stresses me out. The pandemic is not over and a lot of older people and just people and general think that now we have the vaccine we won't have to wear masks everything will get back to normal, but that's just not true. Also at the beginning of the lockdown, if some people just stayed home and wore their masks this could be a lot better now. If people could also stop saying that covid is a hoax made up by the democrats I would appreciate that.

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