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Throughout this whole pandemic, there has been 3.19 million cases and counting only in California. From that, there has been 37,118 deaths also in California. Many of my friends and family have gotten this virus but thankfully none have died. This pandemic started in January 20, 2020 about a whole year ago and is still raging to this day. A part of the quarantine I still don't get is why it was 14 days, and now it is only 10 days to quarantine for. In the whole entire world, there has been 2.13 million deaths. Overall, living through this pandemic has been both good and bad for me. It has taught me a lot lot lessons, I learned more about myself, got to spend more time with my family, etc. The bad part is all of these deaths, masks and regulations, and being away fro my friends.

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This item was submitted on January 25, 2021 by Faith O'Daniel using the form “Share Your Story” on the site “A Journal of the Plague Year”:

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