Final Thoughts and Statistics of COVID

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Final Thoughts and Statistics of COVID

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Corona Virus statistics show that up until we had the vaccine the number of people who had it increased day to day and once the vaccine was released the amount of people affected has gone down. I have not personally been affected by corona virus except by having a couple friends and a teacher who had it. I was near those people and had to stay home for ten days due to the exposure. Some things I have enjoyed in this Covid season are being able to have tons of free time to do whatever I want, such as redecorating my bedroom and invest and watch the stocks from day to day, but also having too much free time is not fun when you have nothing to do. I have also experienced having to stay overly clean washing my hands every twenty minutes and wearing a mask out in public which are definitely things that I have not enjoyed. This has been a very eventful year with Corona Virus.

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