Covid-19 Statistics


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Covid-19 Statistics

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The numbers of Covid-19 really have no affect on me or most of my family. The lies of these numbers is tremendous, people reporting deaths without considering any other influences that have been previously harming or at least not helping the patient. I would pay for an accurate death poll of people who had died from just Covid-19 and only Covid. Then would we know the real 'numbers.' I am blessed however to say that I am aware of no close family member or friend that has had Covid, and that is something I will continue to thank God for. I still can't believe the fear pressed upon by the media and how stupidly successful it has been. People acting as if the Black Plague is running about and how the worst is always yet to come. For the better part of us, Covid has truthfully helped me get a step ahead of life. To get extra training in, doing things others weren't willing to do, it's given me a step ahead of a good amount of my peers. This virus will make of you what you make of it. Some people just choose to respond differently than others.

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