Amanda's future pandemic nightmare.

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Amanda's future pandemic nightmare.

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The scene begins on december 31st 2019.
Amanda: This year has been a wonderful year and I am ready to greet the next year 2020 with a few new year’s resolutions. My first new years resolution is-
Mysterious time traveling Alien: I'm going to stop you right there.
Amanda: who are you????!!!!
Mysterious time traveling Alien: You aren’t going to get to do any of your new year's resolutions this year.
Amanda: Yes I am. Why do you say that?
Mysterious time traveling Alien: You’ll see. In fact, you’ll see right now.
All of a sudden with a flash of blinding white-green light, Amanda is zapped 3 months into the future.

Amanda: what happened? What day is it? She looks at her computer. Oh no! I’m late for a meeting! She then sees another email. It’s my boss. “Here is a zoom link” what is this? I guess I’ll click it.
She enters the zoom meeting.
Boss: alright. Hello, Amanda! So glad you arrived! So we have a problem.
Amanda: No, I have a problem. What’s going on? Why are we on this call? Why am I not at work?
Boss: are you serious? You don’t know? Yesterday you knew fine. You were saying you wished this pandemic would be over with.
Amanda: But what’s going on?
Boss: a virus has traveled around the world and has resulted in us having to stay at home, wear masks when we go outside, and do everything online. That’s why you’re here. Are you ok? Do you have amnesia?
Amanda: i have to leave for a few minutes.
Boss: the most i can give you is 20. Be sure to mute your mic and stop your video.
Amanda: How do I do that?
Boss: you do so like usual.
Amanda: oh my god. What is going on? When i was making my new year's resolutions 10 minutes ago i had no idea this was what it was going to be like. How am I going to survive? I am never going to survive a day like this.
Boss: um, Amanda? You’re not on mute.
Amanda: How do i mute myself?
Boss: you click on the bottom left hand corner of your screen and you have the option to mute and stop video.
Amanda: ok. She does so, with much difficulty. Oh wait, Tiffany's calling. Maybe she can tell me what’s going on here.

Tiffany: hey! How are you? What are you going to do today?
Amanda: i was thinking about going to the grocery store, filing reports, and visiting you this afternoon.
Tiffany: hold on, going to the grocery store? You have to order online. The only way you’re going to visit me is if you wear a mask. And the only thing you’ll get to do at home is the filling out reports thing.
Amanda: how long is this going to last?
Tiffany: what?
Amanda: the whole “pandemic” thing.
Tiffany: I think 2 weeks to a month.
Amanda: thank god.
Tiffany: I know, right? It’s terrible already!
All of a sudden, Amanda’s Boss’s voice comes into her computer.
Boss: Amanda? Are you ready to make your statement?
Amanda: yes boss.
Boss: i can’t hear you. You’re still on mute.
Just as she finds the unmute and start video buttons, her 5 year-old daughter Vivian calls her saying she has been kicked out of her meeting. Amanda struggles for a few seconds, but then, with another blinding flash of white-green light, she is zapped into december 31st again.

Mysterious time traveling Alien: Now do you see why you can’t do any of your new year's resolutions?
Amanda: no, Tiffany said that the quarantining will only last 2 weeks to a month. I’ll have plenty of time to finish my new year's resolutions.
Mysterious time traveling Alien: It’s going to be much longer than that.
Amanda: *faints*
this is a short script about a woman named Amanda and how she learns about quarantine too soon.

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short story

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