Easter in Quarantine

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Easter in Quarantine

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We all remember where we were on March 13th. That is the date that quarantine began, I remember sitting in my classroom and being told that we were going to be off for two weeks. At first, I was excited, a two-week break sounded like something I would love. I would have never expected this. I then found myself on April 12, 2020 celebrating the first holiday in quarantine. Easter was usually something pretty big in my family the whole family got together. We did baskets and candy was given out and we had a big dinner. However clearly because of the restrictions it was much different this year. It was only my mom, my two other sisters, and who spent the day together. However, my oldest sister, who is a nurse at a hospital had to spend it alone away from us to ensure the safety of her patients, herself, and us. we are a pretty close-knit family, so going through this experience was hard. Only being able to see my sister through our door or outside significantly distance apart was not the same. Staring through the window as we had conversations through our phones was not something, I thought I would ever experience. Not only, did I not get to see my sister, I did not get to see my Aunt, Uncle, cousins, and Grandma. We always spend Easter day with my mom’s side of her family. This probably was the first time in my entire life that I did not. this day was probably one of the hardest days in quarantine for me, because I really took in account that this is my life now. Easter is usually a time for happiness, celebration, and spending time with your family however this year it was filled of heartache and separation. As I sat down to my table that was set for only four, we put our computer at the end of the table to start the zoom call connecting my family together. We are all separated by miles apart, all in our own houses, yet we were together through this call. Having our dinner looking through a computer screen definitely was not expected. I am very grateful that my family has the technology to still talk to each other see each other's faces even if it is over screen. Something that I will never forget is when we were taking our traditional Easter photo. Usually, my three sisters and I all get together and take a happy picture. But this year we took the picture with my two other sisters and I inside and my sister who is the nurse on the outside of the door. That Easter in quarantine really made me realize what we took for granted. We simply took for granted each other's presence.

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