Skiing through Covid-19

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Skiing through Covid-19

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Nobody was prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic as it took the world by storm. In the earliest stages, many people ran into trouble finding things to help them cope with the lack of social interaction. However, as the pandemic progressed and businesses found ways to allow people to do the things they enjoy doing, the circumstances that made the pandemic feel unbearable for months, began to feel the slightest bit bearable. I have played hockey and baseball my whole life so due to the pandemic I found myself bored and at a loss for things to do. I began to play golf and enjoyed it while the warm months lasted but as the temperature dropped the opportunity to play the sport slowly diminished. I have always loved the winters because of the freezing ponds that allowed for outdoor hockey. However, this winter proved to be unusually warm for western New York and I was at a loss for things to do. After doing some research and browsing some community group posts, I found that many people were using skiing to help them get outside during the odd times. I had never been skiing before but with my experience on skates in the hockey rink I decided I would give skiing a chance. After a few phone calls to some close friends, I had borrowed enough stuff to be able to get out on the mountain. Luckily, skiing proved to be very similar to skating and my skills improved rapidly. The first night out was enough to get me hooked and I began skiing regularly. Of course, masks and social distancing were required but skiing provided an outlet for my family and me. We began skiing regularly and I looked forward to it every day we were unable to go. Before I knew it, I was completely in love with skiing. It provided a social environment when it wasn’t readily available, it provided a way to get outside apart from the usual walk around the block and lastly, it provided a way to spend time with my family outside the walls of the house. Without a few generous friends and some curiosity, skiing would’ve never been an option, it will forever be a huge part of my life and I don’t think that would’ve been possible without Covid-19. I hope others found ways to improve not only their health but also a hobby that made them happy as well.

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