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I would say I share the same feeling as most, in that being stuck inside has forced me to venture outside more than ever. Hiking, running, kayaking, sitting in nature has become the one place of solace in this crazy, scary world. As mask mandates began to be put in place I began noticing so many people with their noses sticking out of their masks. I can not understand what possible line of logic they were operating on but what is the point of wearing a face mask if it does not cover your face. One day I was on a hike and I noticed this sticker stuck to a trail marker, I could not help to think that it is simply the best sticker I have ever seen.
Photo of a sticker that reads: "Wearing your face mask like this..." (above a cartoon drawing of a face with a mask under their nose) "Is like wearing your underwear like this...." (above a cartoon drawing of a semi-nude torso in underwear, but a penis is above the top of the underwear)/"So please wear your face mask properly!" underneath both images.

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