Peg Spangler Oral History, 2021/02/20


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Peg Spangler Oral History, 2021/02/20
Mini Oral History with Peg Spangler, 02/20/2021

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I recorded a mini oral history with Peg about silver linings and positives during the pandemic.

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Julia Jensen

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Peg Spangler

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United States of America

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JJ: All right, my name is Julia Jensen. I'm a graduate student intern with the COVID-19 archive at Arizona State University. That date is February 20th, the time is 12:20 Eastern, and I'm speaking with Peg Spangler. I want to ask you a question about your pandemic experience. But before I do, I would like you to like to ask for your consent to record this response for the COVID-19 archive. The COVID-19 archive is a digital archive at ASU that is collecting pandemic experiences. Do I have your consent to record your response and add it to the archive?

PS: Yes, you may record my response.

JJ: Thank you. First, can you tell me your name, age, and where you live?

PS: My name is peg Panella Spangler. I am 64. I will be 65 in June of 2021. And I live in Sonora, California.

JJ: Thank you. Now I'd like to ask you a quick question about the pandemic. We've experienced a lot of changes in 2020, and many have been negative and disruptive. But perhaps it's not all bad. What's one positive thing you've experienced during the pandemic?

PS: I am a supervising inspector for the California Board of Pharmacy and spent between 15 and 25 weeks a year on the road. Since the pandemic, I have not had to travel. And I have been able to be home. And that has certainly been a positive thing.

JJ: Awesome! What kind of things have you been doing with your time at home?

PS: So I am working full time as well. But I have worked in my garden. I have worked in my yard and cooking again. It's been it's been like living in my own house, which I haven't had for almost five years.

JJ: Nice, nice. I’m sure that’s been a little more relaxing than trying to figure out all your travel plans and hopping from plane to plane.

PS: Absolutely.

JJ: Alright! Well, thank you for your time today. I really appreciate you contributing to this archive, and yeah!

PS: You’re welcome.

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