Silver Lining Mini Oral History with Jessica Goldman


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Silver Lining Mini Oral History with Jessica Goldman
Jessica Goldman Oral History, 02/21/2021

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This is an interview done by Robert Baker-Nicholas, interviewing Jessica Goldman for the Covid Archive. I asked her a couple of questions in this short mini oral history interview. The questions included her name, age, race and where she lives, along with the question that states, “What’s one positive thing you’ve experienced during the pandemic?” Jessica Goldman replies to the question with a detailed explanation of how the COVID-19 has impacted her job and her students.

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oral history

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Robert Baker-Nicholas

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Jessica Goldman

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Neptune Beach
United States

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RBN: Hi, my name is Robert Baker-Nicholas, and I am a graduate student intern with the COVID-19 archive at ASU. The date is February 21, 2021. The time is 12:36pm. Eastern Standard Time, and I'm speaking with Jessica Goldman. I want to ask you a question about your pandemic experience but before I do, I would like to ask for your consent to record this response for the COVID-19 archive. The COVID-19 archive is a digital archive that ASU, Arizona State University, that is collecting pandemic experiences. Do I have your consent to record your response and add it to the archive with your name?
JG: Yes, you do.
RBN: Thank you. First, can you tell me your name, age, race and where you live?
JG: My name is Jessica Goldman. I am 67 years old. I am Caucasian, predominantly Caucasian race. And I live in Neptune Beach, Florida.
RBN: Thank you. Now I'd like to ask you a quick question about the pandemic. We've experienced a lot of changes in 2020 and many have been negative and disruptive, but perhaps it's not all bad. What's one positive thing you've experienced during the pandemic?
JG: Oh, a positive thing that I, that I have experience during the pandemic was I'm a teacher, I teach kids with learning disabilities and behavioral challenges and attention deficit disorder, etc. And because of my age, I was allowed to teach online. So I feel like I've been safe teaching from home and reaching out to kids kind of like what, you know, the electric company and Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers and those people used to do online or televised learning.
Dog: Bark
JG: I hear your puppy in the background. Your dog’s are going to start making my dog’s start barking.
RBN: So, thank you for your time today. Do you have anything you'd like to add?
JG: Well, I just want to say that because I was offered that position. I really feel like I've been safe throughout the pandemic. And I really appreciate the fact that I got to get to know children, actually, their middle schoolers, I got to get to know them online. And even though it was definitely different from being in the classroom and with them physically, I feel like I still make connections with students and I just feel very grateful.
RBN: Well, thank you for your time today. And thank you for allowing us to do this with you.
JG: You're very welcome. Thank you, Mr. Baker-Nicholas.
RBN: You're welcome.

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