Mini oral history with Nancy Carter, 2/21/2021


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Mini oral history with Nancy Carter, 2/21/2021
Nancy Carter Oral History, 2021/02/21

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Abstract: This is a mini oral history that I did with Nancy Carter, my mom, about silver linings

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audio interview

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Jessica Carter

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Nancy Carter

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Rancho Cucamonga
United States

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Transcript of Interview with Nancy Carter by Jessica Carter

Interviewee: Nancy Carter
Interviewer: Jessica Carter 2/21/2021
Location (Interviewee): Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Location (Interviewer): Phoenix, AZ
Transcriber: Jessica Carter

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Abstract: This is a mini oral history that I did with Nancy Carter, my mom, about silver linings

JC: Hi my name is Jessica and I’m a undergraduate student at ASU enrolled in HST 494. The date is February 21 the time is 1:37pm and I’m speaking with Nancy Carter. I want to ask you a question about your pandemic experience, but before I do, I would like to ask for your consent to record this response for the COVID-19 archive. The COVID-19 archive is a digital archive at ASU that is collecting pandemic experiences. Do I have your consent to record your response and add it to the archive with your name?

NC: Yes

JC: Perfect, Thank you. First, can you tell me your name, age, race and where you live.

NC: My name is Nancy Carter. I’m 61 years old. I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

JC: Can I get your race too?

NC: I’m white.

JC: Perfect. All right so thank you for answering that. And I just wanted to ask you a quick question about the pandemic. We’ve experienced a lot of changes in 2020 and many have been negative and disruptive. But perhaps it’s not all bad. What’s one positive thing you’ve experienced during the pandemic?

NC: Even though a lot of people died and gotten sick, in the course of the COVID pandemic, I think that it has brought light to the need for universal healthcare.

JC: Mhm and then, kind-of what do you think is important about universal healthcare that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us?

NC: It’s showing us that there are a lot of people who have not necessarily thought that universal healthcare was a good idea, but now we are seeing the impacts of decentralized healthcare.

JC: Yeah, and then moving forward. Do you think that’s going to have any impact on the way that healthcare functions in the United States?

NC: Yes. I think if we had universal healthcare then the pandemic wouldn’t have been so bad.

JC: Yeah, definitely. Do you think that I guess going forward or do you see any, like continuing impacts of the kind of us not having like a universalized system happening right now?

NC: Say that one more time.

JC: So, do you see like the impacts kind of continuing of us not having like a universalized health care service as the pandemic and as vaccines and things like that are getting rolled out?

NC: Yes. I think that vaccination distribution from state to state would have been better if we had universal health care.

JC: Yeah, definitely. Hopefully, even if the pandemic universal health care wasn't something that was utilized during the pandemic. It's something that we can kind of have going forward.

NC: Yes. All right.

JC: Well, that's the only question I really have for you. Thank you so much for your time today and have a good rest of your day.

NC: Thank you. I will

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