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When PM Johnson announced the lockdown my secondary education sadly ended without me knowing, my grades were decided by teachers then corrected by a computer - it then turned out the computer was wrong and our year was given our original grades. What a thing to put 18 year olds through, I was dissapointed to say the least that this was allowed to happen and it turned out the government knew about the computer failure and still did nothing. However, the lucky ones of us lived on, staying at home, protecting the NHS and saving lives. Now at university, which has predominantly been online, has been great. Staying online means that I am not interacting with people and not potentially spreading the virus so I hope this way of learning continues for a long time! Overall, the pandemic has meant I have been given the holiday of a lifetime, been allowed to still carry on my education but in a safe way and allowed me to reflect on how I use my education.

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