The Covid-19 Struggles and Success of a Full-Time Student


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The Covid-19 Struggles and Success of a Full-Time Student
Ian Oral History, 2021/02/02

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This is a short interview that I worked on for my college course this semester all about Digital Storytelling. I interview a close friend of mine who has experienced the pandemic for a full year as a full time student and the transition from in-person to online classes. We also touch on other personal challenges that he faced and he discusses how he was able to succeed still as a full time student and now employee, a year later.

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audio interview

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Cecilia Peru

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0 Cecilia Peru introduces herself/Purpose of podcast is to uncover College-aged struggles during covid/Introduces interviewee good friend Ian
1 Ian was full-time student during pandemic/He will share his struggles and explain how he achieved success in school/ Q: "What kind of ruts are we talking about?" A: Ian moved into a 1bed/1bath apartment by himself before pandemic hit/He was lonely and lost motivation
2 Nothing else to do but eat and watch Netflix between Zooms/Struggled with lack of motivation and lack of productivity/Ian's mother encouraged him to be active as a child and he'd lost that on his own
3 Took Ian from March to May to figure out how to motivate himself/Q: "What has motivated you the most?"/ A: Lost summer internship because it required travel/Getting job was best thing he could have done/ Structure and scheduling got him out of hole/Q: "You were a full-time student?"
4 A: Yes, Shift to online was very difficult/Teachers did not know what they were doing/Mental health still suffering/Q: "Can you specify what you mean by problems with mental health?"/ A: No motivation, depression, cooped up, weight gain, messy apartment, socially isolated/Summer girlfriend moved in
5 Summer 2020 was a little better but still not old self/Ian and his girlfriend struggled being home together all the time/Summer was hot/Arguments with girlfriend/Impact of lockdown on new relationships
6 Potential for COVID-19 to create stonger bonds between romantic partners/Ian's relationship struggled but is stronger in the end/ Q:"How did Fall 2020 semester go?"/A: Ian moved into a shared house with two roommates./School still not back to normal but life improved because he was living with friends
7 Shared experiences with roommates/Partied together/Exercised together/Supported each other/ (safe) personal connection was key/ Q: "Has moving in with roommates impeded visits with family?"/ A: Yes, initially they couldn't interact with each other normally because of vulnerable family members
8 Finding boundaries with each other a challenge/All three roommates on the same page/ took pandemic seriously/kept masks handy/only small gatherings/ Q: "Have you guys kept up with your word?"/ A: Yes, miracle all three of us avoided getting COVID/Two of the three are vaccinated/Q: "When if your lease up?"/A: technically July 2021 but most will be gone by June/ Q: "Isn't is crazy that you'll be graduating and it's still COVID? People couldn't walk last year for graduation/A: Still is
9 A: So weird/ Online students want to just get it done with./Q: "How are you doing today after a year?"/ A: First period was tough, Summer 2020 was better, Fall was even better
10 Spring 2021 Ian got a second job/very lucky to get an in-person job/loved being somewhere in person with masks/socializing and mental health improved/ Q: "How are you balancing school and work?"/A: Coping with stress of both is dificult to cope with
11 Hard to find balance/ Stepped back from responsibilities that weren't essential/took off work and went hiking/taking breaks is important/Cecilia says : self care is important
12 teachers are under just as much stress so they are willing to give you grace/COVID has put stress on everyone/people are more empathetic now/ Cecilia says that she and her co-workers have been working to support each other and relieve stress rather than make it worse for each other
13 Q: "Can we transition into a more positive light? What do you like to do?"/ A: The outdoors/hiking/Grand Canyon- it was empty/important to find things that make you happy to keep you going/Being outdoors, fresh air has kept Ian going/Q: "Do you have any favorite spots?"/ A: Sedona
14 Q: "How far away is Sedona from Tucson?"/ A: Two hours/Ian and Cecilia agree that Sedona is a wonderful place/majestically beautiful/Cecilia thanks Ian for sharing his story
15 Cecilia closes out the interview and says goodbye, asks listeners to follow Ian on Insta @eentisdale (not the correct spelling of his name)

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