Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans On the Rise, Hate Is a Virus

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Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans On the Rise, Hate Is a Virus

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Two artists whose work I adore with an important message for today and always. @juliakestnerdesigns (slide 1) and @colorsofhoney (slide 2). Caption is from @juliakestnerdesigns. Caption: Discrimination, racist attacks, and xenophobia against Asian Americans have recently been on the rise. My heart hurts seeing all of the hate crimes and violence perpetrated towards the AAPI community.

Anti-racism must include Asian Americans. We cannot allow white supremacy to pit us against each other or let “oppression Olympics” distract us from the real problem at hand. We’re not each other’s enemy; white supremacy is.

We can fight for liberation without turning to anti-Black rhetoric such as heavier policing or “tough on crime” justice. This kind of thinking does not bring us closer to our shared goal of equality and liberation. All it does is take us further away from our common goal of fighting against systemic injustices, and forces us to play into the us-versus-them mentality that pits us against each other.

We are all victims of the same oppressive system. Just as our suffering is interconnected, so is our liberation. Our equality is irrevocably contingent on the liberation of ALL oppressed communities. Now more than ever, we need cross-community solidarity to fight for our collective healing and liberation.

What we can do:
-Amplify AAPI voices and stories
-Speak out against all forms of racism and systemic injustice
-Educate ourselves on the model minority myth, and how it was designed to create a wedge between Asians and other people of color in America
-Learn about AAPI history
-Donate to organizations committed to anti-racism

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