Prayer Lodge Stops Line 3 Pipeline

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Prayer Lodge Stops Line 3 Pipeline

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Prayer Lodge Stops Line 3 Chaos

7 Natives from 5 nations took direct action to defend our Mother with love and selflessness. Surrounded by people of faith, by allies with strong hearts, we sang, prayed, and sat with our ancestors in an Anishinaabe lodge in the midst of Line 3 destruction.

27 Water Protectors were arrested that day. Afterwards, police cut up the lodge and kenneled, strip searched, and shackled us for misdemeanors. This is Anishinaabe treaty territory — Enbridge is committing trespass, not us.

To land defenders everywhere, we stand as one ✊🏽❤️

Support the legal fund here: & please find your bravery to stand with us or use your voice to contact President Joe Biden, Gina McCarthy, Deb Haaland to #StopLine3

#ProtectTheSacred #PrayersIntoAction #7thGeneration

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