Nursing School during a Pandemic


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Nursing School during a Pandemic

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One would think that the healthcare professionals at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic would. have been most aware of the situation the United States and the world was about to endeavor, however, my story as a nursing student during the pandemic makes it clear that this was not the case. Everyone was blindsided by the virus. I was in Pathopharmacology class during the days leading up to the pandemic. One of my classmates raised his hand and asked our professor if she thought our school was going to send us home because of the virus. This question was in response to some nearby colleges sending their students to remote instruction. I remember thinking how crazy of an idea this was and that these nearby schools would be inviting their students back to campus after an extended spring break. My professor thought there was a 50/50 chance that we were sent home. My anatomy professor thought that the virus was not going to affect us greatly either. Just a week later, students were told to pack their rooms and leave campus as soon as they could. However, to my relief, nursing students were to stay on campus for labs to make up for lost time in clinical. I was in my Geriatric Nursing clinical rotation at the time, and working with one of the populations most vulnerable to COVID, we were some of the first students pulled from their clinical sites. After just a few hours, nursing students were told that we too had to get off of campus as soon as possible. My mom, working as a nurse back home, was at work when I received this news, so I had to gather up all of my belongings from my dorm room and fit them into my car to get everything home. It is odd to think back now about how quickly we adapted to an online learning style that we had never used before. Zoom became, and still remains the new normal. I look toward the future with hope that we soon will no longer have to maintain six feet distance from those we love, that healthcare workers feel a sense of accomplishment for their sacrifices, and that we can learn from this pandemic in the future.

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