News Article: Pfizer Injects AI Into Vaccine Trials

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News Article: Pfizer Injects AI Into Vaccine Trials

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This sub-article was the lead item in this week's Wall Street Journal PRO "Artificial Intelligence Weekly" email blast:

"By Angus Loten

Welcome back. Artificial intelligence is set to take a decisive role in shaping the post-pandemic economy, from helping employers reopen workplaces to getting supply chains back on track. Corporate technology leaders and industry analysts offered these and other insights at last week’s virtual edition of the WSJ Pro AI Executive Forum. Some of their views are outlined in the sections below. One broad takeaway: Though still in its infancy, AI is already having a profound impact on our daily lives.

Pfizer’s Speedy Vaccine Rollout
Pfizer Inc. last year developed AI-powered dashboards designed to monitor the effect of Covid-19 on clinical trials in real time, ultimately helping the pharmaceutical giant roll out its coronavirus vaccination in less than a year, The Wall Street Journal’s Sara Castellanos reports.

A shot in the arm. Pfizer fed large amounts of case-rate data into AI-enabled predictive models to quickly generate site selection for clinical trials, said Lidia Fonseca, the company’s chief digital and technology officer.

A smart move. Pfizer two years ago began experimenting with the emerging technologies, focusing on digital tools that promised to offer better outcomes for patients, doctors and employees, with results it was able to draw on during the pandemic, Ms. Fonseca said."

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