The power of Gen Z


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The power of Gen Z

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Living in the pandemic, I have seen my generation grow stronger together as we stand for the injustices occurring in this country. We have spread our ideologies onto social media to spread the message of unity and social justice to prevent further innocent lives from being taken. No violent or oppressive remark goes unseen or unheard of given the word is quickly spread around with social media. Living in the pandemic has allowed the spread of such powerful messages of unity and standing up for what is right to reach every corner of the country.
While eating at a local restaurant in Downtown Phoenix, a small yet powerfully loud crowd of BLM protesters passed the location. Watching in awe and feeling some sort of empowerment, it came to my realization of how much these young adults’ voices have spread across the country. Watching the traumatic stories regarding George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (among the thousands of black lives that have been taken by police and civilian brutality over the past couple of decades), I began to fear for the safety of the black communities living in areas that began to pose threats for them. Similarly, I have watched and supported the protests against Asian American violence becoming very recurrent lately and have seen young adults like me speak out against it. Although I am a minority myself, I cannot understand the pain these families go through, but I surely stand by and support these communities.
Watching this protest before me made me realize how powerful the second-youngest generation (Gen Z) has grown to be and will continue to blossom as we continue to stand with unity against oppression let it be against race or religion. Although this pandemic has physically separated us, it has also brought many minority communities to come closer and support each other with the hope of one day ending these targeted tragedies.

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