The Face Mask

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The Face Mask

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At the beginning of the pandemic, a surgical mask was not something we thought about daily. As cases began to rise and people began to get sicker and sicker a mask was the most wanted item in the world. All around the news and internet, we would hear not to leave our house without a mask or be around other people without one. This lead everyone in the world to be on the hunt for masks. The next thing we knew everywhere masks would be sold out or on backorder and people began to panic. Mask at the beginning of the pandemic was very hard to get your hands on but as time went on businesses got more interested in mass-producing masks and saw to take the opportunity to make a whole lot of money on a needed item. We can now see masks being sold in every store from corner stores to grocery stores and even designer brands like Saint Laurent Paris. Businesses saw the opportunity to make a lot of money on items that were needed by consumers every day but they knew consumers would buy them because nowadays people want to match them with their outfits. These masks have become such an essential part of our daily lives that we no longer reach for our keys before we leave we look for our masks. Although there are many people who follow the mandatory rules of wearing masks there are still many others that believe wearing a mask is taking away their freedom. It is unbelievable to think that a simple cloth that goes over your face that can protect the lives of many others and yours has become such a controversial and important part of our everyday life when it was never something that affected us before March 2020

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