EMS education in Massachusetts April 2021

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EMS education in Massachusetts April 2021

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When the pandemic began in March 2020, the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts sent out a notice that all EMS education classes had to halt until provisions could be made that would ensure the safety of students. By summer of 2020, we could hold courses again to certify EMTs, which was a much needed change. Unfortunately, the requirements have not been easy to contend with, but we have made it work. Medical education is not meant to be remote, it just does not translate well, and the limited time that we had in-person made it difficult for the students to truly get the same level of education as previous providers. Thankfully in April of 2021, things are opening up even more and we are heading back to normal EMT classes. This is going to make things much easier for everyone and hopefully we can keep the restrictions out of EMS education moving forward.

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