Zach Pfalzgraf's Pandemic Story

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Zach Pfalzgraf's Pandemic Story

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Never in my life would I have thought that we would be facing a pandemic this big with all the modern technology we have. I was sure surprised and arrogant to think such as everyone can obviously tell. When the pandemic started, I was a junior at the University of Texas at the Permian Basin. The university is located in my hometown of Odessa, Texas. While attending there, I was also a full-time worker at a supermarket across the street from the university. One moment, we had shelves fully stocked and the next moment we had shelves completely bare because of people panic buying. Due to the people panic buying, my family and I panicked as well because we needed to get things like everyone else. Even when we had the things we needed, just because I worked in that supermarket and had to see it every day, I still wasn't really ever able to shake the feeling of anxiety and fear of what would happen to the supply routes the truckers use. It was a mess that I think no one had the answers for in the beginning. However, when public officials said to mask up and kept us up to date on the information they had, that's when we started to have our questions answered. Nonetheless, there were still some who denied this information that also included some ranks within our public officials that I think should have faced some sort of consequence in the long run. I got vaccinated with the Johnson vaccine once my phase of vaccine distribution came up and I still made sure to wear a mask for a great while to keep myself and others safe. This is an experience that I am sure we can all collectively agree on not wanting to repeat.

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