COVID - In The "Eyes" of March

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COVID - In The "Eyes" of March

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Well, say hello to my first official entry into my Coronavirus Notebook! Today I’m doing pretty good. I have been very excited to be back in school, and I can’t wait to log some of my daily activities in this notebook throughout the school year. It seems so foreign returning to a classroom environment since, because of lockdowns and other COVID-19 effected incidents, we have done online school for the last quarter of the semester. As of now, I’m almost halfway through my school day, which is good. In class today, I have worked on making my class playlist. I think it was a great idea to introduce music to the classroom, and it's something no other teachers have done before, at least in my experience. After school today, I am going to a football workout with a bunch of my other classmates at Avenger Field in Audubon Park. I’m glad that we’re starting up a new activity, since our school said we were not allowed to play contact football this year, which I understand, but I’ll definitely miss it. It has been a crazy summer and starting school is awesome and I’m grateful to be back in-person learning. Things like wearing masks are totally new and seeing friends in school and not just at the park is odd. I also, of course, have a lot less free time to myself, since I actually have to wake up for school and not just sit around all day. I am very excited for this month and what we will do in history. It is also the start of a brand new month, which I hope brings better fortune than the last. I’m excited for this year while also nervous, and I can’t wait to see how and if we survive our first ever COVID year!

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