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I think we should and should not share the United States supplies for the virus with India. I think we should use it on ourselves first and then give them out leftovers. If we dont use it for ourselves first it would be dumb. It's like before you get on a plane and the plane crew goes over on what to do and not to do when there is an emergency on the plane. Say put your mask thing on yourself before you put it on others. It is the same with the vaccines and supplies. We need to use it for ourselves and America before we use it in India. However we need to make sure those supplies get there as soon as we are done with them. If we do not get the supplies to them fastly many will die. Also people could create something new because they could catch other diseases if they are not clean of germs. Also the hospital is running out of oxygen. Oxygen is very needed in order to keep people alive. From the video the hospital just does not look safe in general. Everyone was so crammed up and were not socially distancing. I am pretty sure they are also out of covid test which could lead to them being in a room with other positive people because they think they have it. Sometimes they will think wrong and end up getting it because they are next to people who are positive with the virus.

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