Pandemic Wedding: Jon and Brittany Wolf

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Pandemic Wedding: Jon and Brittany Wolf

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Walls- What things did you have to change for your wedding to happen? (i.e. limit the number of people, venue changes to outside venues, or making face masks required)

Wolf-We never really wanted a big wedding so making it as small as possible due to the current world climate was something that we were more than happy to do. We had to limit the guests to only immediate family even though our original intentions were to have more people present; we just didn’t feel right having any bigger of a ceremony. Our ceremony was also outdoors so our family groups could social distance more effectively and we made face masks mandatory at all times.

Walls- What was the biggest concern you had about having your wedding during a global pandemic?

Wolf- It was the fact that we could not include many people that we know would have loved to have been there. Our decision to limit to only immediate family was a tough one, but the one we felt most comfortable with. We were worried that some people may have been hurt by this decision. That turned out to not be the case, we were not selective with our invites and instead only invited immediate family.

Walls- Did you have any reservations about having your wedding at all? Did you have to push back your wedding?

Wolf- Not really. It was pretty low-key so we were not worried about spreading the virus. We had reservations when we originally planned a larger ceremony which is why we decided to change it.

Walls- What issues, if any, did you have with the vendors that you had scheduled for your wedding?

Wolf- We didn’t have any vendors! :)

Walls- If you had to push your wedding back, were vendors really flexible on giving you a new date/ refund?

Wolf- Same answer as above.

Walls- What does it feel like to have gotten married during a pandemic?

Wolf- Surreal. It is amazing to have some sense of normalcy during this absurdly crazy time. The accommodations we had to make were things we never even considered before the pandemic hit. It is definitely a story we will look back on fondly!

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