Ashley Pierce Oral History, 2021/10/04


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Ashley Pierce Oral History, 2021/10/04

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A quick comment about Law Enforcement during the pandemic.

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Ashley Pierce

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Ashley Pierce

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A quick comment about Law Enforcement during the pandemic.

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Ashley Pierce 0:01
For my class, I had to create some submissions for this archive and one was an audio submission. For almost two years now, we have been living and working (or looking for work) while trying to navigate this pandemic. For me, with the job I have, there was no work from home option, no stay at home until it blows over. I work in law enforcement, and so we did not get a change of work scenery. At first, it was nice to have the roads basically to ourselves on the way to and from work as most everyone else, except other first responders and medical professionals, worked from home or were unfortunately let go from their jobs, but after awhile, it began to take its toll. The long hours, double shifts, no days off to cover for those who were out sick wore us down. There was the pandemic, the violence and riots, losing brother after brother after brother to sickness and violence that never seemed to stop. Then there were wildfires, and hurricanes and record setting rainfall. The hits just never stopped coming. And now, even though the hits have slowed, we still feel it. We are tired. Overwhelmed. Drained. Sad. We hurt. We suffer along with everyone else… wishing… hoping… and praying for a sunny day.

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