Life with Covid-19 United in Isolation

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Life with Covid-19 United in Isolation

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I had a few other objects I could have used for my story but I decided to use this one because it is the one that has meaning to me. This pandemic affected several areas of my life, as it did for most people in the world. After considering all of the relevant memories that impacted my life, like working from home, and switching from in person classes to online and zoom meetings, I decided that the area that impacted my life the most was not being able to see my family for over a year. My family is very united, we meet for special events, birthday celebrations, holidays, and for any other reason we come up with just to get together. None of us ever imagined how difficult it was going to be to be isolated from one another for such a long time and the impact it was going to have in our lives.
At first it was ok because we didn't know for how long it was going to last, and how bad things were going to get in such a short period of time. We definitely did not think that Christmas of 2019 was gonna be the last time we would see each other in over a year. This photograph reminds me of the feeling of isolation that we were all feeling as a family. I could tell that this situation was difficult for all of us. It was taken in the summer of 2020, everyone was pretty scared. We were all trying our best to stay healthy, one thing that I remember hearing over and over again was "We have to stay apart in order to be able to stay healthy and see each other again". No one is to be missing next time we gather. Most members of my family were raised with Christian values. This was definitely an important factor for most of us, prayer and religious encouraging words and bible quotes were common on our group chats. Many of my family members live in Mexico and to this day they are not able to cross. During the worst days of the pandemic, prior to the vaccine, life changed 100% for all of us, but this screenshot is a perfect example of how we managed to stay together even when w e were so far apart. Social media and technology kept us united.
We were able to see each other exactly one year later on Christmas of 2021, we followed recommended guidelines and celebrated outdoors, with masks as well as social distancing. This experience really changed the way we lived our lives in more than one way, one thing is for sure is that we stayed united through it all. This screenshot of a zoom meeting with my family will always be a reminder of what we endured at the beginning of the pandemic, a global event that we will never forget.
The object I decided to use is a screenshot of a zoom meeting with my family.

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