covid in 2021


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covid in 2021

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I’m Brayden O’Connor I go to lone star middle school, I’m from Pocatello Idaho, I was born in 2009. What I like about school is probably getting to see all my friends and meeting a bunch of new teachers each year. My hobbies are baseball, hockey, hunting, camping, being outside, and playing with my dogs.
I would describe the start of this school year as, very stressful, difficult, and boring. It’s not similar at all. And what’s different, is probably almost everything we don’t have to wear masks anymore and we don’t have to wipe our desks down after the period, we go back full time now no more a day b day, no more hybrid, no more Wednesdays off. A lot has changed but it is still manageable, like we must use hand sanitizer and we must be careful of everything we do. Its very different than what it used to be when it was the 4th quarter of 5th grade. During then we had to go full online because there was the covid outbreak. Then in 6th grade we were pretty much all online for most of the year but then at the very end we went back to school with masks mandatory. But then this year, (7th grade), we are back to school full time with masks optional.

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