Jeff Stutler II Oral History, 2020/12/01


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Jeff Stutler II Oral History, 2020/12/01

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This is an audio recording about my family's challenges in being with my father when he had a stroke in December of 2020. Forced distancing during family emergencies can be quite a scary experience.

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audio recording

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Jeff Stutler II

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Jeff Stutler II

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Jeff Stutler II discusses his father’s stroke and eventual passing, and how COVID restrictions impacted his fathers stay in the hospital.

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Jeff Stutler II 00:04
Hello, I just wanted to share a story about how COVID has changed all of our lives and has changed my life personally. My father had a stroke. He has since passed, but he had a stroke on November 30 of 2020. And he was sent to University of Kentucky Medical Center to recuperate for and, and to rehabilitate for about two or three months. The whole time he was left in there alone because of visiting hospital visiting procedures. That was a very, very bad time for our family because we were used to rallying rallying around our family members when they were sick, or in trouble. I was the only one allowed to stay in Lexington at the university Kentucky Medical Center with him. And it gave me a lot of time to think about how COVID has changed other aspects of health care in patient care, and not just those relating to the COVID- COVID circumstances or the COVID virus itself. Thank you for listening to me. And I hope you can think of other stories related to this, about how COVID has changed the different aspects of healthcare. Thank you.

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