The Challenges of Performing Arts During the Pandemic


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The Challenges of Performing Arts During the Pandemic

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This is a short audio file that talks about what challenges I faced during the pandemic, including a performing arts that was shut down the day before opening night and then a successful fundraiser that raised $25,000.

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audio file

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Carla Dollar

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Carla Dollar

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March 2020 to October 2021

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Carla Dollar discusses the impacts that the pandemic has had on her local theater group, Best of Broadway, and on Dancing for a Brand New Me domestic violence fundraisers.

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Subject Carla Dollar Possible Privacy Issue
Date October 9, 2021
Interviewer Carla Dollar
Annotator Sarah Heavren
0 Carla introduces herself, saying she is a student at Arizona State University; explains how pandemic allowed her to go straight into master's program and also led to an anxiety attack
1 Wants to share hardest and biggest challenge during the pandemic; explains community involvement, particularly with local theater company, Best of Broadway
2 Explains how opening show of The Wizard of Oz was cancelled by public health officials on the night before opening night in March 2020; explains devastation and financial loss
3 Explains that theater company is in process of putting on another show in 2022; explains challenge of putting on fundraiser Dancing for a Brand New Me to raise awareness of domestic violence; thought she would not be able to put on show
4 Explains jumping through hoops to write proposal to public health officials to hold event at local high school football stadium; event was a success
5 Planning next Dancing for a Brand New Me show; explains impacts of uncertainty, distance learning, and mental health; notes positives that have come out of pandemic

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