From Unheard of to Unheard

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From Unheard of to Unheard

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This excerpt outlines how the start of the pandemic affected the noise level of an undergraduate college campus.
When I ventured back to my undergraduate college campus the week COVID-19 started, campus should have been buzzing with classmates happy to be back from spring break. The week after spring break is normally full of students hanging out and joking around. Even only a few days away from each other creates an audible laughter throughout campus. Not this year. What few students were on campus had a mission: get their belongings from their dorm and get off campus. They were focuses, scared, and silent. There were few students and even fewer conversations. Running engines, doors opening and closing, and the birds were the only noises emerging from campus. What is usually one of the loudest weeks of the school year was completely silent—something we would have considered unheard of was literally unheard.

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