Rosalind Leon Oral History, 2020/05/27


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Rosalind Leon Oral History, 2020/05/27

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Rosalind Leon

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Rosalind Leon 0:00
Today's day, today's day is May 27, and it is 6:09. My name is Rosalind Leon. I live in Altadena, Los Angeles. The every thing, every day thing I do would be to clean, help my grandma throughout the house, do homework, but summer is, I'm out of school already, weekends I work. I hope to get more hours during the week. I first learned about the Coronavirus, it would be online that a lot, that it started in China or Asia around there. And that people were flying from USA to China or China coming from coming back to USA that it was it was getting serious at the, and the numbers are increasing. What I'm most concerned about is like how long this is gonna last. How long are the masks gonna last because I could barely breathe at the store and, and I don't know how long I could keep up with that. But I understand that it's to keep us safe and I would do it to keep me to keep myself safe. The coronavirus has affected my family. My grandma, she worked two jobs but she is not working on both. My sister isn't working but she is getting paid. So that's good. And she is helping my grandma out with my grandma's bills. My grandpa has more hours at work because he works at a, at a company that sells, that does masks, so he has more hours on that my dad has a few more hours. He has less hours as well like in between. What is my biggest challenge that I faced during Coronavirus, it would be the six feet away from each other meaning I can't see friends, I can't go to the mall and shop, some of the places I want to eat are closed so, and honestly I feel like I can't help anyone with everyone being scared of touching each other so that's one thing that has challenged me. I'm managing to do everyday in the house, would be cleaning up and my grandma helps, I guess. What have you and your family done to create during, um we, so we have a garage full of stuff plus my grandma's stuff and we bought a house, a 10 by 12 house, and literally everything fit in there so that was great. So now that the garage is empty, we might do a second bathroom because we only have one and literally like we all use it at the same time. So it's like stressful to get out of the house on time. So that's what we've been doing and it turned out great, we painted the house and we painted the whole house actually, painted it gray. Yeah, so we've been doing. I don't know anyone that has gotten sick. I heard stories about my friends] families but none of my family's has caught that, just that they've lost their job. They didn't lose their job but they just don't have hours at the job. I feel like the Coronavirus is affecting people that have separation anxiety, have asthma, yeah, I think that's, yeah. Has my experience has formed how I think about my family and friends, my experience, I don't think it's changed how I think about my family. I know it's hard for my grandma not to work and stuff. I believe that's very hard, people need to keep in mind in the future that we did struggle, especially seniors, they didn't get to walk across the street, the stage. So that was more sad. Watching people put their family under the ground, that, that was more heartbreaking seeing them post it. I feel like people should have in mind about others to care about others, to first keep them from, keep their family safe. To, and, not to enjoy life, but to enjoy right, to have, to have faith that our, our world's gonna get better even though our president is not following the rules not wearing the mask conferences like, and he's asking us he made a lot to wear a mask in the stores and he's not even wearing the masks, so. I, I just want the world to see that we do struggle and that we, that we need to have faith and to just pray that everything's gonna be alright. I hope that I do get to walk on stage for my senior year too, so. I just hope that the world is very, very safe.

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